Simulateur de Flamme pour IR3 et Multi-IR FS1100

Simulateur de Flamme pour le test des Détecteurs de Flamme IR3 et Multi-IR FS-1100 SPECTREX
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4488,00 €
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FS-1100 - Simulateur de Flamme pour les Détecteurs de Flamme IR3 et Multi-IR - Spectrex

Providing foolproof, full loop testing of your fire detection system and up to 33% increase in testing distance to 12m

To be fully secure against fire, flame detector self-testing is not enough.
According to most local jurisdictional authorities you need to make sure that your entire fire detection system is fully intact. That means performing a full system loop test from the detector, through the controller, and up to the actual alarm notification. The only way to do so without lighting a fire is with an external flame simulator.
The FS-1100 Fire Simulator is the essential complimentary tool to the self-testing capabilities of your SharpEye™ IR3 Flame Detectors. It gives you the ability to fully test the perational readiness of your fire detection system, bringing fire prevention safety to a higher level.

In addition to verifying the flame detector’s viewing window cleanliness and its internal electronic operation, the FS-1100 Flame Simulator performs essential end-to-end
testing of the “full system loop”. It does this by simulating a fire that actually triggers the detector.

Replacing the old model 20/20-310


  • ATEX/IECEx approved for use in hazardous areas
  • Long-range flame detector activation – from distances of up to 40ft (12m) – a 33% increase compared to previous simulator models
  • Highly portable
  • Creates easy access for testing detectors in hard to reach places, without the need for scaffolding
  • Powered by rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Operates for at least 1,000 tests without recharging
  • Easy aiming using laser diode


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