Module 8 Relais STG8REL

Module 8 Relais à connecter sur les sorties STG/OUT16 pour centrale gaz Galileo Multiscan Sensitron ST.G/8REL
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ST.G/8REL - Module 8 Relais pour centrale gaz GALILEO MULTISCAN Sensitron

8-relay modules STG/8REL are to be connected to STG/OUT16 cards and allow modify the open collector outputs of STG/OUT16 boards into contact free relay outputs.
It is possible to connect max 2 STG/8REL to each STG/OUT16 being present in the system.

All remote modules feature galvanic isolation to avoid any electric noises or spikes generating from the field from damaging the system.
Each detector or module is addressed and each address identifies uniquely each detecting device being connected.