Détecteur Universel de gaine avec échantillonnage unique FDD710

Boitier Universel pour Détecteur de gaine avec tube d’échantillonnage unique - FDD710 UTC Fire & Security
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FDD710 - Boitier pour Détecteur Universel de Gaine avec tube d'échantillonnage unique - UTC Fire & Security

The FDD710 single pipe duct detector has been developed to detect smoke in ventilation ducts and combines a smoke detector and an adaptor system where both venturi pipe and housing are specially designed for optimum airflow through the smoke detector. The system fulfils all the requirements for safe fire detection with airflow speeds from 0,2 m/s to 20 m/s.
The FDD710 has been designed to accommodate almost all types of point detectors. Provision is made to fit the required detector base (not provided) into the duct detector.
The unit is easily installed on ventilation ducts.The unique one pipe design ensures correct operation for air inflow and outflow. The unit is supplied standard with a 600mm sampling pipe. The FDD710LP 1.5m extra-long sampling pipe can be used in larger ducts if needed. These pipes can be cut to the correct length if required.


- One-pipe air sampling system
- Conventional or analogue addressable detectors
- Test hole on cover
- Simple installation
- Sensitive flow indication
- Simple service and maintenance
- Installer-friendly connection of cables
- Foolproof installation of sampling tube
- Specially designed venturi pipe to ensure optimum performance