Détecteur de fumée a Rayon Optique ATEX FireRay3000 Exd

SKU: 3000-115
Détecteur de fumée a Rayon Optique Infrarouge, agréé ATEX - FireRay 3000 Exd Fire Fighting Enterprises Limited
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Fireray 3000 Exd - Détecteur de fumée a Rayon Optique Infrarouge antidéflagrant - Fire Fighting Enterprises

The FIRERAY 3000 Exd is ideall suited for the protection of large areas, with potentially explosive atmospheres, against smoking fires. FIRERAY 3000 Exd comprises an infrared transmitter and a receiver, both of which are ATEX-certified for use in Group 2 hazardous areas.There is a separate, safe area, wall-mounted remote/low level control unit to allow adjustment and testing from a convenient non-hazardous location.

The product is designed for large enclosures within oil rigs, refineries, ordnance stores and similar premises. It provides an early warning of smoldering or strongly smoke-generative fires, which may not be picked up by flame detectors installed in many hazardous areas.The FIRERAY 3000 Exd optical beam smoke detector, together with a battery backed power supply, can be connected to a zone of a conventional fire alarm control panel or interfaced to an analogue-addressable system via an addressable input module or a zone monitor module.


- Separate transmitter and receiver unit certified to EExd
- Range 10-100 metres
- 12 and 24V d.c. operating voltage
- Low current consumption
- Automatic self check drift compensation
- 3x Selectable fire alarm thresholds
- Remote/low level control unit (Safe Area)
- Complies with ATEX and EN54:12