Centrale incendie Marine 2 zones conventionnelles ESEN-2MAR

399,00 €
Centrale incendie agréée Marine 2 zones conventionnelles ESEN-2MAR - HAES
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ESEN-2MAR - Centrale incendie agréée Marine 2 zones conventionnelles - HAES

Quality, reliability, ease of use and feature rich are attributes that are consistent across the entire range of Haes fire alarm control panels. The Esento Marine 2 & 4 zone encompasses all of these attributes to provide a panel that meets a variety of needs.
For the fire alarm engineer the Esento Marine has been designed to minimise labour costs. There is ample room for wiring, changing batteries and clear indication while the one man walk tests will help reduce the cost of maintaining the fire alarm system.
Simplicity was one of the most important aspects when considering the end user of a fire alarm panel. The colour coded buttons and the 3 step silence functionality gives non technical people the confidence to correctly manage their fire alarm system.
Esento Marine control panels come with a large range of engineering features, including, programmable functions for both zones and sounder circuits, false alarm management mode and muster alarm.


  • 2 or 4 zone
  • False alarm management mode
  • Muster alarm
  • Smart design, easy to install, commission & service
  • User friendly colour coded buttons
  • Inputs for sounder ringing and pulsing
  • Fire & fault relays
  • 2 monitored sounder circuits
  • One man walk test
  • Key-switch or code entry for activation of controls
  • Fault diagnostics mode