K18XX Centrale Détection Incendie UL/FM Sigma A-CP - 2, 4 ou 8 zones Conventionnelles - UL/FM 2, 4 or 8 zone Conventional Control PanelK18XX Centrale Détection Incendie UL/FM Sigma A-CP - 2, 4 ou 8 zones Conventionnelles - UL/FM 2, 4 or 8 zone Conventional Control Panel

Centrale Détection Incendie 2 zones UL-FM K1842

Centrale Détection Incendie 2 zones conventionnelles UL/FM Sigma A-CP K1842 Kentec
298,00 €
298,00 €
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K1842 - Centrale Détection Incendie UL/FM 2 zones Conventionnelles Sigma A-CP - Kentec

K1842-11 - 2 Zones Conventionnelles - boitier rouge

K1842-41 - 2 Zones Conventionnelles - boitier gris

K1852-11 - 2 Zones Conventionnelles avec transmetteur - boitier rouge

K1852-41 - 2 Zones Conventionnelles avec transmetteur - boitier gris

The Sigma A-CP range of conventional fire control panels with optional built in communicator are available with 2, 4 or 8 initiating circuits which may be extensively configured via a simple front panel operated programming method.
The low standby power requirements and cost effective small batteries allow the panel to be mounted in a small discrete enclosure which is available in standard red or optionally in an attractive grey colour.
A simple programming method using just 3 front panel buttons allows an extensive list of configuration options to be set and reviewed.
Single board construction which allows easy removal of all electronic parts by removing just 2 screws and ample provision of cable entry knockouts simplify installation.
4 Amp notification appliance power and built in selectable sync protocols provide ample power and control for a wide range of standard notification appliances.
The built in RS485 communications bus provides the facility to connect 4 wire annunciators or ancillary relay boards to provide further indication and control options throughout a premises.
The optional DACT allows dual line reporting to central stations and provides a 500 event history buffer.


  • UL864 approved
  • Two, four or eight initiating circuits
  • Initiating circuits individually configurable as Fire, Water flow or Supervisory
  • Two 2A notification appliance circuits
  • Selectable NAC sync protocols
  • Two 2.0A notification appliance circuits
  • 6.5A power supply
  • Alarm verification selectable by zone
  • Resettable Aux power output rated at 0.3A
  • Aux power configurable to power off on Fire condition
  • Fire, Trouble and Supervisory relays
  • Single person walk test function
  • Optional DACT
  • Many advanced configuration options
  • 72 hour standby with 7Ah batteries
  • Compact enclosure
  • Fire Drill capability


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