Câble Thermique sensible digital, 87°C HCD6087

SKU: HCD6087
Câble Thermique sensible digital, 87°C HCD6087 - UTC Fire & Security
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HCD6087 - Câble Thermique sensible digital 87°C - UTC Fire & Security

Fixed temperature heat sensing cable is suitable for many applications where standard heat detectors cannot be used. It is particularly suitable for applications such as coal conveyors, cable tunnels, cable trays, escalators, car parks and petro-chemical floating roof tanks as well as intrinsic safe solutions. The cable is suitable for external use or in areas where corrosive agents could be present.
HCD6087-M is a 87°C fixed temperature linear heat cable and is ordered per meter.

The Range

Four different alarm temperatures from 67°C to 239°C are available. Using simple application and installation manuals, the correct cable can be installed to provide rugged, reliable heat detection at the point of risk. Properly installed, the fixed tempearature linear heat detection system is maintenance free.

The Simple Solution

Fixed temperature cable acts like a simple short circuit switch when the temperature at any part of the cable reaches the cable alarm temperature.
The cable can be connected to conventional fire panels and analogue addressable input modules using a junction box and end-of-line resistor. The cable can be monitored for open circuit.
The cable system is re-used after an alarm by cutting out the piece of short-circuited cable, and replacing that short length with some more cable.

Cable fixings for all applications

A range of 'edge' ,'A' , 'P' , and 'T' clips allow the cable to be properly installed. The clips provide heat insulation as well as holding the cable at the correct distance from cable trays, steel works, ceilings and walls.


  • Monitoring at the point of risk
  • Ease of installation
  • Reliable and durable
  • Intrinsic safe solutions
  • Ideal for 'smokeless' fires - overheating cables